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Laboratory for Molecular Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Group Members

Principal Investigator

Nicholas L. Abbott
John T and Magdalen L. Sobota Professor
Hilldale Professor
Director, Materials Research and Engineering Center
E-mail: nlabbott@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-265-5278

Graduate Students

Reza Abbasi
E-mail: abbasi2@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-262-9924

Hector Fuster
E-mail: hfuster@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-262-9924

Robert Gottlieb
E-mail: rgottlieb@wisc.edu

Maggie Herron
E-mail: mbudianto@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-265-2378

Travis Nelson
E-mail: twnelson@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-262-9924

Tim Smith
E-mail: tjsmith8@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-265-2378

Xiaoguang Wang (William)
E-mail: xwang373@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-262-9924

Yu Yang
E-mail: yyang376@wisc.edu

Hongseung Yeon
E-mail: yeon3@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-262-9924

Huaizhe Yu
E-mail: hyu236@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-265-2378

Research Associate

Emre Bukusoglu
E-mail: bukusoglu@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-265-2378

Youngki Kim
E-mail: ykim669@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-262-2378

Joel Pendery
E-mail: joel.pendery@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-265-2378

Chenxuan Wang
E-mail: cwang379@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-262-9924

Undergrad Researcher

Sonia Chandrasekharan
William Guy
Jiawei Sun
Bo Zhang

Administrative Staff

Jennifer Weber
E-mail: weber26@wisc.edu
Work Phone: 608-265-3783

Past Graduate Students

Emre Bukusoglu
Design of Functional Materials Based on Confined Liquid Crystals - PhD - December 2015

Daniel Abras
Dynamics of Nanoparticles in Mesogenic Solvents - PhD - December 2015

Marco A. Bedolla Pantoja
Design Principles for Functional Liquid Crystals - PhD - December 2015

Peter Mushenheim
Design of Active and Anisotropic Soft Matter - PhD - August 2015

Mohit Goel
Understanding the Interactions of Peptides with Abiotic Surfaces: Towards Water Free Biologics - MS - May 2015

Rishabh Jain
Characterization and Design of Biotic/Abiotic Interfaces - PhD - December 2014

Derek Ma
Hydrophobic Interactions and Sequence-Directed Assembly - PhD - August 2014

Dan Miller
Physiochemical Principles for the Design of Functional Materials based on Liquid Crystalline Droplets - PhD - August 2014

Rebecca J. Carlton
Ordering Transitions at the Liquid Crystal-Aqueous Interface - PhD - May 2014

Jacob T. Hunter
Adsorbate-Induced Ordering Transitions of Nematic Liquid Crystals - PhD - May 2014

Lie Na Tan
Bioanalytics of Microvesicles based on Liquid Crystals - PhD - December 2013

Sebastian Gast
Study of the Modulation of Hydrophobic Interactions by Electrostatic Interactions - Stuttgart-Madison Two-Way Exch - July 2013

Burcu Selin Aytar
Active and External Control over the Delivery of DNA to Cells using a Redox-Active, Ferrocene-Containing Cationic Lipid - PhD - December 2012

John Muller
Biophysical Characterization of the Interactions of Nucleic Acids and Ferrocenyl Amphiphiles - PhD - December 2012

Yiqun Bai
Anchoring of Liquid Crystals on Biomolecular Interfaces - PhD - December 2011

Claribel Acevedo-Velez
Impact of Chemical Nanopatterns on Directed Assembly - PhD - December 2011

Elise Huang
Cell-Substrate Interaction: Development of tools to Investigate SubstrateSupport in Cardiomyogensis and to Visualize Cell-Substrate Interaction - PhD - August 2011

Xiaoyang Liu
Spatial and Temporal patterning of surfactants and micelles in Microfluidic Channels - PhD - December 2010

Michael I. Kinsinger
Design and Synthesis of Multifunctional Amphiphilic Polymers to Tailor the Properties of Aqueous-Liquid Crystal Interfaces - PhD - May 2010

I-Hsin Lin
Characterization of Amphiphile-Induced Ordering Transitions at Aqueous-Liquid Crystal Interfaces - PhD - December 2009

Gary M. Koenig, Jr.
Interactions Between Particles and Liquid Crystals: Local Ordering and Driven Assembly - PhD - December 2009

Aaron Lowe
Surface Engineering for Biomolecular Analysis using Liquid Crystals - PhD - August 2009

Jugal K. Gupta
Effects of Confinement and Interfacial Chemistry on the Ordering of Liquid Crystals - PhD - May 2009

Manan Chopra
Molecular Simulations of Rare Events - PhD - August 2008

Sarah Teren
Understanding the Spatial and Temporal Patterning of the Orientations of Liquid Crystals at Lipid-Laden Interfaces in the Presence of Phospholipase A2 - MS - August 2007

Katie D. Cadwell
Analyte-Induced Ordering Transitions of Liquid Crystals at Chemically Functionalized Interfaces - PhD - August 2007

Melissa E. Hays
Interactions of Polymers and Redox-Active Surfactants - PhD - May 2007

Frank P. Hubbard
Investigation of Aggregate Microstructures Formed by Light-Sensitive Surfactants - PhD - December 2006

Guiyu Bai
Interfacial Transport Driven by Redox-active Surfactants - PhD - August 2005

Peer N. Zschoerper
Liquid Crystals at Lipid-laden Interfaces - December 2005

Matthew L. Tingey
Amplification of Biomolecular Interactions Using Liquid Crystals and Nanostructured Surfaces - PhD - December 2005

Brian H. Clare
Surface Anchoring of Liquid Crystals in Contact with Functionalized Organic Thin Films - PhD - December 2005

Luis A. Tercero
Orientational behavior of nematic liquid crystals on surfaces presenting bound virus particles - MS - August 2003

Maren K. Daschner
Lateral organization of proteins bound to biomimetic interfaces coupled to thermotropic liquid crystals - MS - August 2003

Jeffrey M. Brake
Imaging of phenomena at an aqueous-liquid crystal interface through changes in the orientation of liquid crystals - PhD - August 2003

Craig A. Rosslee
Novel applications of ferrocene based surfactants - PhD - August 2003

Justin J. Skaife
Amplification and transduction of Biospecific Interactions at surfaces by using liquid crystals - PhD - May 2001

Lei Yin
No thesis. Report title: Verification of the Gibbs adsorption equation at the solid-liquid interface and a study of electrochemically-induced spreading of aqueous solutions of redox-active surfactant - MS - May 2002

Yuedong Gu
Topological Defects Formed in Liquid Crystals Containing Solid Microspheres with Tailored Surface Properties - MS - August 2001

Jason Y. Shin
Dynamic Interfacial Properties of Aqueous Surfactant Solutions - PhD - May 2001

Rahul R. Shah
Novel Approaches to the Design and Characteriza- Tion of Organic Surfaces - PhD - December 2000

Nihal Aydogan
Design of Surfactant Molecules for Active and Passive Control of Surface and Bulk Properties of Aqueous Solutions - PhD - May 2001

Lana Iva Jong
Investigations of the Interfacial Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Disulfide-Containing Surfactants - PhD - 1999

Benedict Silvestre Gallardo
Ferrocenyl Surfactants at the Surface of Water: Principles for Active Control of the Interfacial Properties of Aqueous Solutions - PhD - 1997

Past Visitors and Research Associates

Abhijit Dan, PhD -

Sangwook Choi, PhD - CEO, NanoSurface Biomedical

Eddie Ramos (REU student) - University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez campus

Chiharu Takahashi - Tokyo Institute of Technology

Hiroki Eimura - University of Tokyo

Qi Wang - Tsinghua University

Yuan Xu - Tsinghua University

Ashley Adams - Research Experience for Teachers - Jefferson Middle School, Madison, WI

Kelvin Smith - Research Experience for Undergraduates Student - Auburn University

Heberth A Diestra Cruz visiting PhD. Student - University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

Frederic Mondiot, PhD. Research Associates

Caterina Maria Tone - Visiting Graduate Student - University of Calabria (UNICAL) - IPCF-CNR C/O Physics Dep. of University of Calabria

Maria Beatriz Costa Madeira - University of Pennsylvania

Jinlu Liu - Zhejiang University, China

Xiaoping Hu - Visiting Professor - Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China

Ankit Agarwal, PhD - Assistant Scientist

Aaron Lowe, PhD - Research Associate

Tyler Nelson - Research Intern

Yutaka Takahashi - Visiting Research Associate - University of Tokyo

Kris Richardson - Research Experience for Undergraduates Student - University of Toledo

Guksik Lee - Visiting Research Associate - Research Experience for Undergraduates Student - Tokyo Institute of Technology

Julie Last, PhD - Research Associate

Zhongqiang Yang, PhD - Research Associate

Gaurav Pranami, PhD - Research Associate

Santanu K. Pal, PhD - Research Associate

Jose Alberto Gomez Jr. - Research Experience for Undergraduates Student - Tecnológico de Monterrey (Monterrey Tech)

Gladys Roldan - Research Experience for Undergraduates Student - Polytechnic University

Eduardo Mariño fernández - Research Experience for Undergraduates Student - Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Luis Daniel Vega Alonso - Research Experience for Undergraduates Student - Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Angel D. Cortés Morales - Research Experience for Undergraduates Student - University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez

Vicki Meli, PhD - Research Associate

Claire Pizzey, PhD - Research Associate

Seya Ito, PhD - Visiting Research Associate - Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Joon-Seo Park, PhD - Research Associate

Tatsuo Maruyama, PhD - Visiting Asst. Professor - Tokyo University

Chang-Hyun Jang, PhD - Research Associate

Nathan Lockwood, PhD - Research Associate

Govindaraju Thimmaiah, PhD - Research Associate

Yung-Jung Hsu, PhD - Visiting Asst. Scientist - National Tsing Hua University

Yukishige Kondo, PhD - Visiting Asst. Professor - Tokyo University

Elvira Tjipto - Visiting Research Associate - University of Melbourne, Australia

Yan-Yeung Luk, PhD - Research Associate

Kun-Lin Yang, PhD - Research Associate

Koji Tsuchiya - Visiting Associate Scientist - Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Seung-Ryeol Kim, PhD - Research Associate