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Self-Assembly of Non-Natural Peptides

Revealed sequence-specific assembly of ß-peptide oligomers into hollow nanotubes by using small angle x-ray scattering (J.Chem.Phys., 2008). Scattering measurements indicate directed-assembly of non-globally amphiphilic ß-peptide helices into long cylindrical nanotubes with a hollow core radius of 1.5 nm (polydispersity of 21%), a shell thickness of 2.0 nm and lengths in excess of 1000 nm.


Length > 1000nm
Hollow nanotube

Core radius = 15nm

Radial shell thickness = 20nm

Schematic illustration of the hollow nanotubes

Schematic illustration of the hollow nanotubes formed from non-globally amphiphilic β-peptide A and SAXS scattering curves for iso-A (black diamonds) and A (blue-gray circles); a q-1 slope is shown as a reference